———————— Meet the Team ————————

Cameron Meyer


Cameron Meyer oversees operations, product development, and marketing at MealMatch. He was inspired to start MealMatch because he wanted a way to connect people in a position to donate meals to people in need of one. He lives in the Bay Area with his younger brother and parents. He is an incoming Junior in high school, and he has a passion for entrepreneurship, biology, and community outreach. 

Arnav Machavarapu


​Arnav Machavarapu is a  rising sophomore at Westwood High School, and likes to participate in various business, math, and science clubs and competitions to learn and grow his passions. In addition, he works with multiple startups and plans to go into a STEM major. In his free time, he plays golf and watches sports.

Mohit Sahoo


Mohit Sahoo takes charge of web development, app design, and graphic design at MealMatch. He is an aspiring web developer and entrepreneur and a strong advocate for charity and social good, working for numerous causes. He is an incoming senior and lives in Frisco, Texas at Independence High School.

Kaushik Akula


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Brian Whitney


Hi I'm Brian, a rising junior from the Bay Area. I'm passionate about design thinking, entrepreneurship, and more and serve as a member of the MealMatch marketing team!

James Li


I'm James Li! I am a rising sophomore and 15 years old. I am passionate about the work that I do at MealMatch! I love doing good work for the community and is extremely driven to do better. I am also on a high school policy debate team.

Siddharth Vadlamani


My name is Siddharth Vadlamani and I'm a fifteen year old sophmore. My hobbies include playing video games, playing chess, and playing table tennis. I joined MealMatch because I've always wanted to help people and this was my first oppurtunity to go through with that.

Rohan Engineer


My name is Rohan. I am 15 years old and am a 10th grader at Westwood Highschool. My passions include drawing, listening to music, and playing the saxophone.